1- About us Yebastream

LYebastream is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from artists all over the world.
Basic functions such as playing music are totally free, but you can also choose to upgrade to Yebastream Premium. Either way, you can:
Yebastream offer the following sevices
Content creation in Yeba Media studios
Content licensing with International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) and Universal Product Code (UPC)
Content distribution on cross platforms.
• Choose what you want to listen to with Browse and Search.
• Get recommendations from personalized features, such as Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mix.
• Build collections of music.
• See what friends, artists, and celebrities listen to.
• Create your own Radio stations.
Yebastream is available across a range of devices, including computers, phones, tablets, speakers, TVs, and cars, and you can easily transition from one to another with Yebastream Connect.
Sell your Singles,Albums,EPs on yebastream

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